Our white label solutions help you manage the necessary infrastructure for running a Bitcoin exchange securely and efficiently


Getting your message across and creating a UI/UX that caters to your users is an essential step in creating a competitive exchange. The interface that traders use to place orders, manage their account, and interact with the exchange can be customised according to your branding needs.


Often the most difficult and resource-intensive part of running a secure exchange, Back-End operations include trade matching engines, systems for managing risk, assets, and users, as well as integrations to connect an exchange to third party services such as payment processors and wallets.


Without sufficient liquidity and healthy price action, trading volumes can grind to a halt. Connections between your exchange and order flow from other exchanges can be vital to maintaining relevance in today’s global markets. Our networks can provide liquidity to your Bitcoin exchange that is both competitive and reliable.

White Label Solutions

Clients of Global BTC can utilize the technology, resources and expertise that helped ACX.io rapidly grow to become Australia’s leading Bitcoin exchange for orderbook liquidity.

As a financial technology provider for Bitcoin exchanges, we’re looking for qualified partners in new markets. For more information on launching a Bitcoin exchange, or to learn more about the technology and processes we utilize, feel free to contact us directly

Applicants for our white label solutions must be able to show relevant, verifiable qualifications. Global BTC must be satisfied that your business plans are robust enough to allow you to succeed. Global BTC reserves the right to decline any application.


things to keep in mind before launching an exchange

Incorporation & Regulation

Determine which markets you want to operate in, then seek legal counsel to help decide where you want to locate and how to structure your business. You will want to think about how Bitcoin is classified and treated by authorities in your jurisdiction and what is required for compliance with regulations that exist in your jurisdiction. Failure to properly evaluate the legal environment can lead to undesirable results.


In the past, banks have been reluctant or entirely unwilling to provide their services to Bitcoin businesses, but the landscape is rapidly changing and improving as Blockchain technology becomes more widely recognized. However, financial regulations, particularly those applying to Bitcoin, can vary greatly between jurisdictions and warrants thorough evaluation. Difficulties in securing payment processing can delay and complicate the launch of an exchange, so it is important to address these concerns as early as possible before proceeding.

Market & Liquidity Risk

How would unexpected market movements affect your exchange? Will potential volatility in local currencies be addressed? Having access to sufficient liquidity on both sides of the orderbook is vital to keeping an exchange competitive. Without healthy price action, exchanges can stagnate and see their volumes dry up as traders seek alternative avenues.


An exchange should be able to reliably support a high number of simultaneous trades while maintaining system stability. Server or system crashes, latency issues, and other unwanted irregularities can harm user confidence, damage a brand's reputation, and decrease volumes over time. Of the various components involved in operating a Bitcoin exchange, the technological resources and expertise required can be the most daunting and expensive aspect. By using a white label solution from Global BTC, partners can outsource these responsibilities and minimize costs.


Below is a sample timeline of the process and steps you can expect to take on your journey towards operating a Bitcoin exchange.

Phase 1


Define a target market and begin identifying and testing assumptions. Explore the necessary paperwork for banking and compliance according to the regulatory environment conditions for your local market

Phase 2


Decide on the local market and currencies you wish to support, secure a web domain, and begin building your brand while your platform approaches launch readiness.

Phase 3


Along with any necessary customisations to the Back-End to suit a particular localization, branding of the Front-End can move forward. This period also includes code tests, beta testing of our integration with your payment gateways, and preliminary marketing.

Phase 4


Proceed with full-scale marketing, reach out to relevant press and media, review employee functions and responsibilities. Monitor your exchange, and refine products and strategy as necessary based on early feedback

Phase 5


After successful testing and training, you’ll be ready to utilize the platform and start running your very own Bitcoin exchange.



If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to send us an email to info@GlobalBTC.com

How soon can I get started?

Timeframes can vary significantly between jurisdictions & regions. From incorporation to regulatory filings, securing banking relationships, implementing custom features, branding and training, as well as other variables, every launch is rather unique even if the technology and process behind it is relatively standardized. A rough estimate based on typical conditions and objectives would be between one and three months. Contact us for more information.

Why choose Global BTC?

Successful exchanges allocate substantial time and capital to brand creation, marketing, and user acquisition/retention. By utilizing our white label solution, partners can minimize the cost to get up and running, and focus on building their competitive advantages while we take care of managing the technical resources and infrastructure. Most importantly, our clients have access to liquidity pipelines that can be crucial to keeping an orderbook healthy and active.

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